War of 1812 Bi-Centennial Commemoration, Oxford County, Ontario

Our History

Oxford on the Thames was the scene of three fiery attacks by invading American forces in the spring, summer and autumn of 1814.

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 On Aug. 16 & 17, 2014, travel back 200 years and journey along the Detroit Path where you'll meet brave settlers fighting for home & country.  

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Excitement is mounting! Hear what is happening now as Oxford's Bi-centennial commemoration draws nearer.

Defenders. Traitors. Enemy invaders. Heroes. Settlers just trying to survive. Meet them all and experience history firsthand. 

Three times, under the cloak of darkness, American fighters looted and burned the pioneer settlement of Oxford on the Thames. While homesteaders slept in their beds or hid in the woods, the invaders torched the church, the mill, the crops and log cabins. Horses, weapons, food and military prisoners were taken.

With their settlement in flames, the good people of Oxford resolved to build again and to finally see peace in Canada.

  • Interactive Actors, Reality 1814

  • 3 Unique Skirmish Re-enactments

  • Authentic Military Encampment 
  • Period Food and Drink 

  • Sunday Saddlebag Preacher Peace Service 

  • Peace for All Time Celebration
  • Martin's Tavern under Canvas

  • Indian Trails through the Woods

  • Digging for the King's Buried Gold

  • ​Ballads and Regency Dancing


Burnings, Bravery & the Black Walnut Tree

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